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What is GameSalad?

GameSalad is a drag-and-drop coding platform that makes teaching your students the fundamentals of computer science easy and fun! Students build valuable logic and architecture skills without all the pain of traditional programming syntax.

Teach Computer Science Fundamentals

No CS Degree Required

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our project-based curriculum includes ready-to-use projects, activities, tutorials and assessments to meet your STEM initiatives

Focus on Programming Concepts

Students learn about logic, conditional statements, variables, looping, optimization, algorithms, and much more without the frustrations of traditional syntax

Develop Real World Skills

Students won’t outgrow our professional-grade tools, and can publish their completed games to the App store, or add them to their digital portfolio for future employers

Build Games, Build Confidence!

Game creation is the most engaging way to get students excited about computer science and rapidly build their confidence in programming

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Turn your students from players into makers.

We believe that students should show that they can be creators and problem solvers, and no multiple choice test or online quiz can demonstrate these skills as effectively as creating, debugging and iterating upon a game that they are proud to call their own!

GameSalad Curriculum

GameSalad’s easy to use curriculum provides instructors with everything they need to teach their students programming fundamentals with GameSalad. Units are designed to be modular; each unit covers one or more topics and each features a specific game genre or mechanic, giving you maximum flexibility to design a program of study that meets the needs of your students.

View All Units

CS Concepts

Conditional Statements



CS Concepts

Mathematical Expressions



CS Concepts

Object-Oriented Design

User Interface Design

Hardware Sensors

Random Functions

CS Concepts

Animation Systems




CS Concepts

Variable Scoping

Data Structures

Data Driven 


Teachers love GameSalad!

Open new doors

Students are passionate about creating their own games. GameSalad gives students a great starting point, while also allowing them to grow as the designers & programmers of the future.

Not just for computer science!

GameSalad’s user-friendly interface requires no coding knowledge and offers an easy entry point for students to participate in game design as a compositional method.

Dr. Steve Holmes
Assistant Professor of English, George Mason University

Increase Engagement

All students play games, but few realized the effort behind creating them…

GameSalad opened their eyes to what they could accomplish.

College and Career Readiness

With GameSalad, students are not just having fun but also changing their lives with a career option they love…It’s a great self-esteem booster for them to see people enjoying their work. We’re a college and career readiness program. Game Salad is helping us fulfill our mission.

Naomi McSwain
Executive Director, Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center

Teaches Computational Thinking

GameSalad is one of the most effective Gaming Platforms I’ve used. GameSalad has a lower barrier to entry, so that I can teach computational thinking skills to students.

Mayank Malik
Chief Architect/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Instantly push to Apple, Android and Amazon devices.

Schools all over the world use GameSalad to teach game design and computer science,
encourage digital makers and foster self-expression.

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