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In this Hour of Code activity, you’ll be building a “Platformer” style game with GameSalad! One well known platformer game is Super Mario.


If you don’t already have GameSalad installed, you can download it from the buttons below.

GameSalad (Mac) GameSalad (Win)

Step 1: Download the Hour of Code project folder for Mac, or Windows, depending on what system you’re on. The folders include the Hour of Code project, the assets (sounds and images) used in the game, and a tutorial.

Activity (Mac) Activity (Win)

Step 2: Open the Hour of Code project with GameSalad and follow the directions in the tutorial to create your own levels for the game!


Step 3: Once you’ve finished designing your own level and customizing the game, choose one of the challenges to modify your game further!


Step 4: Have a friend play your game and give you feedback. Edit your game accordingly!


Step 5: Publish your game on the GameSalad Arcade and share the link with friends!


Congratulations, you completed an awesome Hour of Code™ with GameSalad!

Challenge 1: Personalize Your Game

Find and modify assets (art and sounds) for your game.

  • What theme will your game have?
  • What will the main character be?
  • What will your obstacles or collectables be?
  • What sounds/music will enhance the theme of your game?


Challenge 2: Make Your Game More Difficult

Make each level of your game more challenging than the previous level. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Speed: How does increasing or decreasing the speed of your character change the level of difficulty? How fast is too fast to play? How slow is too slow to stay interested?
  • Obstacles: What are the best spots for placing obstacles to increase the difficulty of your level? What size should your obstacles be in each level?
  • Difficult Jumps: Can you create multiple platforms for the character to jump on? Can you place platforms in a way that will require more skill from the user?
  • Longer Levels: You can increase the size of your levels by increasing the size of your level scenes. If you do this and give the Player actor a control camera behavior, you can design levels that are much wider or taller!


Challenge 3: Keep Score

Can you add something for the player to collect along the way that increases a score value? Or perhaps you could give the player a score based off how fast they complete the levels.

  • Create an attribute to keep track of the players score.
  • How/where will you display the score?
  • If you add collectibles, how many points will each item be worth?
  • Can you make different types of collectibles that will be worth different point values?


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