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Welcome to GameSalad! As an educator, you can create and manage student accounts, assign lessons, monitor your students’ progress, and access GameSalad curriculum units.

Get started by visiting your Educator Dashboard and setting up your student accounts. Then sign up for a webinar to prepare you to use GameSalad in your classroom.

Download GameSalad

Download GameSalad to your Mac or Windows computer with the click of a button. Learn more about GameSalad’s software needs or contact up through the blue button in the bottom right if you have any questions!

Set up student accounts

Assign students licenses with ease on your Educator Dashboard. Quickly set up a single license or multiple licenses, and manage hundreds of students.

Educator Dashboard

GameSalad for Education comes with access to an Educator Dashboard for teacher accounts. This dashboard allows users to manage student passwords, download assets they have purchased such as Asset Packs or Curriculum units, and set up “Assignments”.  Teachers can use Assignments to give students a place to “turn-in” their game projects.

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Sign up for a webinar

Prepare yourself to teach GameSalad by attending our 2 hour webinar, that is included in all classroom and club bundles! This webinar will go over how to use GameSalad, best practices, and an overview of the curriculum.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Our project-based curriculum includes ready-to-use projects, activities, tutorials and assessments to meet your STEM initiatives. Learn how to get your students started with our online courses.

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How do I get more help?

Please send a detailed email to education@gamesalad.com

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